US Mineral Resources, LLC purchases, aggregates and resells oil and gas mineral rights and royalties in high demand US shale plays. The Colorado-based company works in major shale basins nationwide to identify qualified prospective areas for production and to accumulate clear titles from numerous small sellers for eventual resale. Our depth of financial backing enables US Mineral Resources to continue to grow, even in these challenging times.

What makes USMR LLC a trusted source for investors and producers?
USMR LLC helps buyers to save time and reduce costs for evaluation and transactions. Our team of oil and gas industry experts has many decades of experience in acquisition, evaluation and disposition of oil and gas property rights, leases and royalties. When we acquire ownership and aggregate in prime areas targeted for future sale to producers, we only purchase mineral rights and royalties with clear titles. Purchasers can buy with confidence from a team committed to excellence.

Why is USMR LLC the best choice for small acreage owners wishing to sell mineral rights?
USMR LLC helps sellers to simplify the process. The expertise of our team enables us to efficiently process title documents, offer favorable pricing, and provide prompt payment. We make it easy for you to access the wealth you may have tied up in complex rights, royalties and leases. Our service enables sellers and their families to enjoy the proceeds of the sale of mineral rights immediately – even when it may not produce for many months or years in the future.

Our business philosophy is quite simple and one in which all our team members believe: Always treat our clients fairly and honestly.

We look forward to working with you and appreciate the opportunity to help you realize your goals.

Bruce Tugman
Bruce Tugman
President & CEO

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