Why Sell

Advantages to selling your mineral interests or oil & gas royalties:

• You eliminate uncertainty about the value of your mineral rights.
• You receive a lump sum payout, rather than monthly, quarterly or yearly checks.
• Selling can help to simplify estate consolidation or liquidation.
• You receive a one-time payment that can be used for pressing needs.
• Selling removes the risk of declining value of royalties due to normal declines in production of
oil and gas wells as the value of royalties declines over time.

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Remember: It could take years or even decades for a well to start producing on your property. Many things could go wrong in
any given area to devalue your mineral rights or make them worthless. If a dry hole is drilled on or close to your property, your
mineral rights could be devalued. In addition, there are risks due to economic, political and global situations that influence
the value of your assets. At this time there can be good money available for those who want to sell mineral rights in shale plays.
These market conditions may not last.

If you are still undecided, read more below.

Reduce Risks Now By Selling All Or Part Of Your Mineral Rights

Sell all of your mineral rights. Sell 3/4 of you mineral rights. Sell 1/2 or less of your minerals. You can sell a portion to enjoy the cash right now, and hedge your bet by keeping the rest of the minerals if you believe they will be more valuable in the future. You’ll receive a lump
sum of cash up front for the mineral rights you sell now, and still retain the remainder for the long term.

Weighing Your Personal or Family Needs and Goals

A significant cash sale may be of importance to you for many reasons. Some sellers want to be able to help their family or enjoy the money while they can. Sometimes the amount sellers realize can be enough to pay off debts, retire, reduce bills, take a well-earned vacation, provide education for children or grandchildren, set up a new business, or be important to the seller and their family in other ways.

8 Important Reasons to Sell Your Mineral Rights Now:

Why Sell Now? What Happens if I Wait?

1. You can now sell part or all of your mineral rights quickly and easily.

2. Predicting oil and gas prices is almost impossible. The most recent crash of oil and gas prices occurred as recently as 2008.

3. Proposed tax laws on the oil and gas industry could cause royalty payments to decrease sharply.

4. Prices are also subject to politics, particularly with elections on the horizon.

5. Alternative energy is growing rapidly with the goal of reducing the demand for oil and gas production.

6. Mineral rights are selling high right now because new exploration methods allow cost-efficient production. Some powerful politicians
and lobbyists oppose hydraulic fracturing methods and are already stopping it in some states, so the window of opportunity to sell high may be short.

7. You may be able to realize a lower federal tax rate on long-term capital gains if you qualify. By comparison, a lease bonus is often taxed as ordinary income - a tax bracket that could be up to 36%.

8. The global economy is shaky. A major natural disaster or another economic downturn could tip the scale and depress oil and gas pricing at any time.

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