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Reliable supplies of domestic natural gas and oil are vitally important for:

• Delivering electricity for home and business uses
• Fueling personal and commercial transportation needs
• Protecting American workers’ jobs by providing cheaper energy
• Protecting our country from dependence on foreign sources and fluctuating prices

Until recently we did not have the technologies to access natural gas and oil in dense deposits of shale. Many resources located in the
US were uneconomic to explore and develop. The Energy Information Agency (EIA) reports: "Shale plays known primarily for natural
gas production-or where horizontal drilling initially targeted natural gas-are also seeing accelerating oil-focused drilling." Noting that
in North Dakota alone "total oil production has approximately tripled since 2005."

The US Energy Information Administration has stated:
"The development of shale gas plays has become a "game changer" for the U.S. natural gas market."
- U.S. Energy Information Administration

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